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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art for Alzheimers

Studio K at Tula pulled off an awesome show for the Alzheimers Association. Complete with 20 artists works and a progressive look at the works of Ray Raedel. A great evening of remeberance an beautiful creatvity.

Joyce Raeel-Meinert, Sherry Rae Broyles and work by Ray Raedel


  1. Just bought a print at a thrift store and it had a great watercolor by Rae Raedel behind it in the frame. I wish I could see his progressive works cataloged online. I found his obit and it is strikingly similar to my own grandmothers. She was a fantastic artist who lived in Merritt Island and is also buried in the military cemetery in Bushnell. One day I would love to put a cataloge of her work on my blog...she was truly a fantastic abstract artist.

  2. Please, when can I found a Ray Raedel paint about a blonde woman sit in a old car. tnx