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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wow! It's been a long time since blogging! Is it still cool to blog?! I will be updating this blog shortly with new exhibitions and workshops so stay tuned! This is one of my latest photo encaustics for Seaside and WHOOPS! It's sold already. So I am back in the studio and working on new things to delight the senses. Enjoy your day in art!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Studio b Alys Beach TONIGHT Nov 4th

New works by Rae Broyles

Rae Broyles
Fabric and Wax on Wood

Peacefulness. The afterlife. Spiritual eternity. The figure here is captured
in an uncompromising position and yet somehow set free emitting joy, finality and peace still allowing one to trust the deeper meaning of their own spirituality.

Lowe Gallery Opening

Work by Michael David and Scott Browning at Lowe Gallery

Lita Cabblut, Rae and Joyce Raedel at Lowe Gallery

Bill Lowe, Rae and Linda Rorer

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Crit!

Back to school and back to the grind. Continuing on the post graduate program at the Fine Arts Workshop; more like Warhol's Factory than an art school or studio, Michael David and Tom Swanston are constantly reinventing ways to create a vibrant and productiove art circle right here in Atlanta. This week we will be witnessing a first ever in encaustic process... (shhh) more later!

And of course we are getting ready for our next ctitique session in another week where we prepare to be pummeled. The atelier artists of King Plow are working harder than ever. I'm amazed at what can come out of unified group of artistic women with a purpose.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

SEA Show June 3-5 Heaven and Earth

The Southeastern Encaustic Artists host a wonderful show at TULA next door to the Museum of Contemporary Art. The theme for the show was Heaven and Earth, Contemporary Works...Ancient Process. Our mission is to foster the success of our members while educating the public about encaustic painting and it's resurgence as a modern art form.

from left: Rae Broyles, Penny Treese, Michael David, Barbara Brenner and Allison Miller

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Announcing Summer Encaustic Workshops!

This summer I will be giving two encaustic workshops in Atlanta and
one in Alys Beach Florida
(near Rosemary and Seaside).

June 19,20 Atlanta
July 10th, Alys Beach
Aug 30-Sept 2 Atlanta

Also, figure drawing class at Alys Beach June 9th. Stop by if you are in town!

Visit for details on Atlanta Workshops.

Alys Beach Workshop will be at Studio b. Please contact Colleen Duffley to register:

Art for Alzheimers

Studio K at Tula pulled off an awesome show for the Alzheimers Association. Complete with 20 artists works and a progressive look at the works of Ray Raedel. A great evening of remeberance an beautiful creatvity.

Joyce Raeel-Meinert, Sherry Rae Broyles and work by Ray Raedel