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Friday, December 11, 2009

National Show

Chosen for the Valdosta National which opens January 19, 2010, here is a description of my work "Everything New is Old Again". My first encaustic sculpture/mixed media piece.

Encaustics were used in the ancient Greek days for painting ship hulls as well as coating statues. This lost art has resurfaced in the modern art world and has captivated audiences internationally. This piece is a conceptual piece, which extends this concept of circular patterns of life.

The magazine articles used on the base of this piece are from the 1940’s. They all relate to subjects with re-current significance. Our schools are overcrowded, we are facing a depression, the wars rage on and we still try our best to find the healthiest ingredients from sugar derivatives to cod liver oil while we remain too busy and distracted to even stop by a Starbucks for freshly brewed coffee. (Now they make instant).

Televisions which were once a thing of the future are now to be preserved in a time capsule of history. The SONY TV in this piece is rendered useless by the modern days of satellite signals, yet useful as a form for this particular creative solution.

Lastly, the surrender of my artistic will to the fact that nothing is new is represented by a white flag frozen in time. Perhaps it will speak to someone or everyone and express the lack of learning from the past, yet relentless effort of the human spirit.

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